Our Services

What We Do

We consolidate business services and processes to function efficiently. We listen and then offer consultation services. We advise clients on practical ICT solutions that work. We carry out IT support with an emphasis on remote support to select clients. We support the cloud concept and manage moving the business state to the concept with particular attention to the clients bespoke applications and building robust computer solutions.

IT Support Solutions

Our support includes opensource offerings which are often overlooked by the end user market. Microsoft, Apple and Linux are in the mix with their related server products.

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Cloud Solutions

The “writing has been on the wall” for years now. Vendors are keen on this deliverable encapsulating everything from your systems OS to the applications you may use. We deliver your requirements albeit hybrid.

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Consultation Services

We are passionate about assisting businesses wishing to move from their current Info Technology state to their new future state. We layout the plan backed up by robust IT solutions that work.

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Managed Services

We deliver scalable products on demand that support your business. Application and hardware reporting are essential while licensing, VoIP and accounting are some of our managed service favourites.

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Managed Print Solutions & Supplies

In some businesses printing and consumables are big ticket items. Talk to us about Managed Print Services. With our qualified and technical expertise we are able to fix your printer and supply the correct consumables.

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Data Backup & Recovery

No person using computer systems should ever ignore this service. Our on premise systems or cloud solutions are there for your peace of mind.

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Infrastructure Solutions

There is no one solution that fits all business activity. Today most operations are hybrid however there are clear advantages in each infrastructure type. This subject is broad and includes communication systems, software, hardware, networking, platforms, end user devices and the Internet of things.

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Server Deployment

Depending on your needs our server deployment can be on premise on in the “Cloud”. Once again your server solution may not be the conventional server as you know it but a much simpler device offering user management and active directory services.

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IT Procurement

Overtime hardware get to the point where it needs to be replaced. Our job is to help you select the equipment that will go the distance. We are pleased to offer new systems for lease for a minimum period of 12 months.

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